I Just Work Here

Yesterday morning discussing the arrangements for the day’s scripted activities, the man sitting across the conference table acquiesced courteously saying, “This (that is, the milieu) is your world.”  Surprised, I looked up at him from what I’d been reading to him and said, “It’s not my world, I just work here.”

3 thoughts on “I Just Work Here

  1. I had plenty of other things to say about my work Friday, but it is enough to reprt that sometimes my work makes me want to go home and hug the people who live in my house with me, kiss them, and tell them I love them. Each individual human’s story varies from all others, a diversity of situations in life – Tolstoy, I think it was, said something about each happy family having essentially the same story, but each unhappy family having a story that is uniquely horrible. God willing my own homelife will always fall into the former category.

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