Fussiness Cure

Nothing else works?

Put the baby on his changing table and get out the rhythmic shaker-egg.

Do the shaker-egg dance while singing gibberish that sounds like space-alien talk while making exaggerated faces.

The fussy baby will begin to smile and laugh.

Hold the shaker-egg in his left hand and shake it while singing and sort of dancing in place with him.

Then alternate hands.

This is a big hit.

Father’s Day – 6/15/08:  In the Xanthic Nursery this evening, Caution-Lady shot some Pentax Optio WR 3.2 video of my shaker-egg dance demonstration.  Little ’76 was, for the most part, more interested in CL and the camera than in my buffoonery.  Maybe better video another time when we get a dedicated video camera.

6 thoughts on “Fussiness Cure

  1. It’s funny you should ask – I’ve been looking online at video cameras these past three days trying to decide which one to buy. Maybe I’ll see if I can get my wife to shoot some video with the Pentax today. The baby’s pretty cool, but my own terpsichorean efforts evidence a functional limitation in the areas of spatial relations, as well as motor skills fine and gross.

  2. You can see the video linked above. The audio is not good, and my space-alien chatter is not all I had hoped for. Still, for a sweaty guy who overate at a Chinese buffet with the extended family after lunch this afternoon, my gibberish motion and sound was not as bad as it might have been. And I didn’t scare little ’76.

  3. Very nice!!!
    The baby looks a littlebit distracted by the camera, but I can only say: ‘Very well danced!!!’.

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