Murray 11/36

Every day my blog stats indicate at least one hit using some variant of the search term “Murray 11/36.”  In response to the demand, I have decided to include here some photos of the mower that I sold for $25.00 to tribal elder Mike.

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6 thoughts on “Murray 11/36

    • I wish I’d taken better care of the Murray. A beloved and aged cousin in a nearby city gave it to me several years ago, and I paid my friend, Mike, $50 to get it running again. I never washed it, never changed the oil (it burned so much anyway that, functionally, I kept the oil changed), never sharpened or changed the blades, and used it on a rough yard. I’m glad Mike’s got the mower now – he’s got the mechanical smarts to maintain it properly.

      We do have rabbits in our yard. Always makes me happy to see them.

      • i have a 1983 Murray 11/36.

        had the same problem.

        i replaced the ignition coil , the spark plug wire goes to it under the engine cover , it was going bad when it got hot it would stop getting a spark to plug

      • I wish I’d known about the ignition coil, I might have learned more about how engines work and got the mower running properly again faster. Cleaning the carburetor seemed to do the trick. I should check with Mike to see whether he wound up replacing the coil.

        For some reason, my posts about that mower seem to get hits at least every other day. Amazingly durable machine.

    • I have no idea, honestly. It was my first riding lawnmower and was a gift from an aged relative in a neighboring county. It’s long gone now, but before writing about it, I should have noted for inclusion the mower’s serial number, etc. It certainly made my life easier, for the most part, while I had it.

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